Vehicle Dealers and the Recreation Passport Program

The Recreation Passport gives Michigan residents access to all state-owned parks and public boating access sites. The passport replaces the daily or annual park stickers issued by the Department of Natural Resources. Passports cost $11 for an automobile, $6 for a motorcycle and may be renewed each year. Nonresidents may purchase the $9 daily or $32 annual nonresident vehicle entry permit from the DNR.

The Recreation Passport program is administered by the DNR but the passports themselves are issued through the Secretary of State. They are available at any Secretary of State office when residents purchase or renew a license plate. Passports may also be purchased when renewing a license plate by mail, online or at a Self-Service Station.

The Recreation Passport is comprised of the vehicle registration and the license plate tab. When a passport is purchased, the words "Recreation Passport" are printed on the registration and two small "Ps" are printed on the tab. The registration and tab become the proof of purchase that permit the vehicle to freely enter state-owned parks, boat launches, recreation areas, camp grounds and nonmotorized trail heads.

While most motor vehicles, including motorcycles, are eligible for the Recreation Passport, buses and large trucks are not eligible. Trailer coaches and trailers are not defined as motor vehicles and are not eligible. Vehicles registered with multi-year plates (e.g., Disabled Veteran, Historical, nonprofit "Y", etc.) are also not eligible.

The law exempts dealers (including CVR dealers) from the Recreation Passport program. Recreation Passports need not be sold with the RD-108s. However, if a dealer transfers a customer's plate with a Recreation Passport on it, the Recreation Passport will carry forward to the transfer registration processed for the newly-acquired vehicle. CVR dealers now have the option to allow customers to add the Recreation Passport to the purchase of an original registration or a renewal/transfer registration.

If a dealer affixes a note to an RD-108 stating the customer wants to purchase the Recreation Passport with an original plate or a renewal/transfer plate and includes the extra $11, the Recreation Passport can be issued at the branch when processing the RD-108. The dealer should include the fee on line 5 of the RD-108 under nontaxable items and list it under the remarks section of the RD-108.

View a sample registration and tab indicating the "Recreation Passport" legend on the registration and the two "Ps" on the vehicle tab here.