Obtaining a Driver's License

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  • What Every Driver Must Know will help you prepare for the written knowledge test you'll be required to take at a Secretary of State office. 

  • The Driving Skills Test Study Guide provides you with all the information you'll need to schedule and pass a driving skills test.

  • Optional:  Adult driver training is available if you choose to receive professional training. State certified driver education providers are regulated by the Department of State. Fees and policies vary.

Copies of these booklets are also available at any Secretary of State branch office. Use the Branch Office Locator to find a branch office near you.

If you have a valid driver's license from another state or Canada and have moved to Michigan, visit a Secretary of State office and:

(A written test is required for anyone converting an out-of-state license with a hazardous materials endorsement.)

Individuals with a valid out-of-state operator's license applying for a Michigan chauffeur's license, Commercial Driver License or a motorcycle endorsement, or whose license has been expired for at least four years, must pass the required written or driving skills tests before a license can be issued.

Only U.S. citizens and residents with temporary or permanent legal presence may apply for a Michigan driver's license.

Residents who have temporary legal presence are issued a limited-term driver's license. A limited-term license is valid for only as long as the person is authorized to remain in the country.