What does it mean to be registered on the Michigan Organ Donor Registry?

Being registered means you have decided to donate your organs and tissues when you die and have enrolled on the Michigan Organ Donor Registry to designate your decision.

Enrolling on the registry signifies that you have made your own decision, relieving your family of the stress of making a decision for you in its time of loss. If you are registered as a donor, no further consent is needed to proceed with donation.

Your family will be informed of your decision by the donation coordinator. They will be asked to provide a medical and social history. Throughout the donation process, the support staff will answer any questions or concerns they have.

If you want to be a donor but would prefer not to be in the registry, it is extremely important to talk to your family about your decision. With no registry record, your family will be asked to make a decision on your behalf. To ensure your wish is carried out, it is important to clearly share your decision with family members, so they can support it at the time of death.




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