How do I change my out-of-state title to a Michigan title and obtain a registration for my vehicle?

To convert an out-of-state title to a Michigan title, you will need to present your out-of-state title, proof of Michigan no-fault  insurance and proof of identity  at a Secretary of State branch office.  If more than one vehicle owner is named on the out-of-state title, all owners must appear at the branch office when the application for a Michigan title is made. An appointment-of-agent form  must be presented if one of the owners cannot attend. This will allow the other owner to sign on behalf of the absent person.

If your out-of-state title is being held by a lien holder, you may take your out-of-state registration (it can be recently expired) or proof of the out-of-state title to any branch office along with proof of Michigan no-fault insurance for the vehicle. Michigan will issue a "FOREIGN OWNERSHIP-REGISTRATION ONLY" registration for the vehicle. This will allow the State of Michigan to issue license plates without converting the out-of-state title to a Michigan title.

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