How do I become a course sponsor and provide classes?

To be eligible, a course provider must submit an application and provide proof of a curriculum that:

(a) Meets or exceeds the curriculum standards set forth in the Defensive Driving Course Instructor Manual, Eighth Edition, published by the National Safety Council.

(b) Provides documented evidence from a federal, state, or local government agency of course effectiveness in reducing collisions, moving violations, or both.

(c) It includes not less than 4 hours of instruction.

(d) Contains such other information as is approved by the Secretary of State, with or without supporting DVD material, and that is offered over the internet or through classroom instruction.

A course provider must enroll and agree to make payments for the Michigan Department of State's program costs via EFT. A course provider must also agree to provide the customer's results in a timely manner. 

A course provider must be able to record the driver's license number (DLN) and course completion deadline date of each Michigan customer. Course providers will need Internet access and will be required to provide the DLN and course completion deadline for each Michigan customer to report the course results to MDOS.

The law requires an approved sponsor or a sponsor seeking to be approved sponsor to submit a properly executed surety bond in the principle sum of $20,000.00 with good and sufficient surety.

The law requires course providers to complete and provide a study to the Department of State every five years. The study must show the effect that course completion has upon reducing collisions, moving violations or both, on any of the course methods (on-line or in-person) that is offered.




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