I'm having problems printing my transaction receipt documents. What should I do?

We recommend that you save the PDF of your transaction receipt documents to your computer. In the unlikely event that printing fails, you'll have a backup. If you are having problems printing the PDF, please read the following:

  1. Is it a problem with your printer's paper or ink? If you've saved the PDF or kept the window open, you can fix the printer problem and reprint the PDF. If you close the PDF screen or sign out of your session before printing or saving the PDF, you will lose your transaction documents and will need to contact the Michigan Department of State.
  2. For duplicate or renewal registrations only. If you have completed either a duplicate registration or a renew registration transaction and lose your transaction receipt documents, you can reprint your vehicle registration by completing a Duplicate Registration transaction. You will not receive a registration document online if you renewed a registration using the Quick Renewal option. Your registration and tab will arrive by mail.
  3. Did you receive an error message? Certain problems with the application, server or other systems may prevent you from printing your transaction receipt documents. If you received an error message and can't print your documents, please contact the Michigan Department of State. Provide your full name, driver's license or state ID number, the type of transaction you were conducting when the PDF failed and the date of the transaction. If you were conducting a transaction as a business customer, we will need the full business name, a license plate or VIN from a vehicle used in the transaction, the type of transaction and the date of the transaction.
  4. Check to see if a copy of the PDF was automatically saved. Depending on your computer settings and the circumstances that cause the problem with the PDF, it is possible that a back-up copy was placed in a temporary folder on your computer. If this is the case, you may be able to recover the PDF and save it or print it. 




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