How do I renew my vehicle plates or watercraft registration online?

The Secretary of State offers two convenient methods for renewing your vehicle and watercraft registrations - Quick Renewal and Authenticated (Logged in) Renewal, which would require you to log into your account with us.

Authenticated (Logged in) Renewal allows you to renew your registration and, because you have also logged into your account and provided information to us so that we can identify you, you may also change the address on your vehicle's registration. You can print a copy of your renewed registration to carry with you until your tab arrives. The system will also provide reminders, such as when it's time to renew your driver's license.

Quick Renewal requires only the license plate, watercraft MC number, or snowmobile registration number, which allows you to renew your own registrations as well as those of a family member or friend. Privacy and security concerns prevent you from submitting a change of address with this option. No personal information is displayed on the screen and there are no reminders of other registrations or licenses that may need to be renewed. This option does not allow you to print a copy of the renewed registration.

A valid Discover, MasterCard or VISA debit or credit card is accepted for payment of all online renewals. A processing fee will be charged.

You should receive your new tab, watercraft decal or snowmobile decal and two copies of your registration in the mail within 14 business days.


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