Why would a vehicle or a license plate I no longer own show on my customer file online?

A. A vehicle you no longer own might be showing on your customer file if you:

  1. Traded the vehicle in to a dealer and the title has not yet been transferred.
  2. Sold the vehicle and the buyer has not yet gone to a Secretary of State office to have the title transferred into his or her name.

    In either case, Michigan law requires that you keep a bill of sale or a copy of the reassigned title as proof that the vehicle is no longer yours - or you may be liable for any tickets issued against the vehicle at a later date. With private vehicle sales, we always recommend that you accompany the buyer to a Secretary of State office to ensure the title is properly transferred.

B. A license plate that is still registered in your name will show on your customer file even if it is not on a vehicle. Take care with license plates you are no longer using. A valid plate may be transferred to another vehicle that you own. Never give a plate away with a vehicle when you sell it. If a plate is no longer needed, cut it up and discard it.




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