I work for a dealership and we have lost the title to a vehicle, what do I do to replace it?

If a Michigan dealer loses an assigned Michigan title for a vehicle, the dealer's best option is to contact the previous owner for a replacement title. If unable to do so, the dealer follows one of the two options shown below to apply for a resale title in the dealer's name:

  1. If the vehicle is less than ten years old or worth more than $2,500, the dealer must either contact the previous owner for a replacement title, obtain a surety bond or court order for proof of ownership.   

    The dealer submits an RD-108 resale title application, a TR-121 Surety Bond or court order naming the dealer as owner, a TR-205 Ownership Certification, and a BDVR-108 Odometer Mileage Statement (unless the vehicle is exempt).
  2. If the vehicle is ten or more years old, was previously titled in Michigan, and worth less than $2,500 the dealer may use the self-certification of ownership procedure only if the dealer is unable to contact the previous owner for a replacement Michigan title.  If a dealer loses an assigned out-of-state title or an assigned Michigan title for a vehicle that does not qualify for self-certification, the dealer must obtain either a replacement title from the previous owner or a surety bond.

 If unable to obtain a replacement title from a previous Michigan owner, the dealer submits an RD-108 for a resale title and:

 a)   A TR-205 Ownership Certification

 b)   A copy of the page from their paper or electronic police book indicating how and when the vehicle was acquired for their inventory.

 c)   A BDVR-108 Odometer Mileage Statement completed by the dealer unless the vehicle is over 10 model years old.

 d)   Copies of the front and back copy of the lost Michigan title.

 e)   Purchase documents such as an auction receipt or a bill of sale confirming the vehicle is worth less than $2,500 and qualifies for self-certification, or, for a trade-in vehicle, a printed page from an on-line appraisal service (Kelly Blue Book, Edmunds, N.A.D.A. Guides, etc.).



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