Am I required to record the purchaser(s) driver's license numbers or personal identification numbers on RD-108s?

Agency: State

Yes. The Department uses the name, date of birth and driver's license or personal identification (PID) number to verify the purchaser(s) identity and eligibility for license plates. This applies to RD-108s and with private transactions conducted in branch offices.

Michigan residents subject to registration denial cannot purchase, renew, or transfer a license plate, or obtain a registration for any motor vehicle they purchase, lease, or already own. This includes all motor vehicles they own, co-own, lease, or co-lease.  Verifying your customer is eligible for registration prior to submitting your RD-108 at your branch office, via the Department's repeat offender website, may reduce the chance of a returned deal.

Verifying the purchaser(s) driver's license or PID number enables Secretary of State branch office staff to process your RD-108s quicker, as we can generate the purchaser(s) name and address from their driver's license or PID record. This saves our employees the time-intensive process of typing in the name and address by hand.




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