What will CARS e-Services provide to me as a dealer?

CARS e-Services will have the following transactions available for use as a dealer:

  • Renewal of your dealer license
  • Managing your account including, but not limited to:
    • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
    • General contact information
    • Business hours, and designated SOS Branch Offices
  • Registering for training
  • Requesting and renewing dealer plates
  • Calculating plate/registration fees
  • Looking up Repeat Offenders
  • Issuing BFS-4s Temporary Registrations from your own computer/printer
  • Storage of the BFS-4 Log in CARS
  • Electronic Lien and Title actions:
    • Transfer ownership to or purchase from another dealer a vehicle with a Michigan title that is held electronically.
    • Assume a Lien for an electronically held Michigan title
    • View pending transfers of electronically held Michigan titles
    • Verify a title is held electronically
    • View a list of electronically held titles in the dealers name.




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