What is the Training Requirement for Used Vehicle Dealers?

For new Class B dealer applicants: PA 420 of 2018 went into effect March 20, 2019, and requires all new Class B used vehicle dealers to attend prelicensure training within 6 months prior to the date of their application.  The training is required for any applicant, partner of the applicant, or each officer of the applicant, as applicable, for the original eligible used vehicle dealer license.

Every Class B dealer shall select a designated individual to complete the dealer training program.  New Class B dealers will have 90 days to select a designated individual for each of its retail sales locations.  The dealer cannot select a single individual to be the designated individual for more than 3 locations.  See MCL 247.248 and MCL 257.248l for more information.

For renewing Class B dealers: PA 420 of 2018 went into effect March 20, 2019, and requires all renewing Class B dealers to have a designated employee at each retail sales location that has completed the standard or continuing education dealer training programs as required by MCL248l(3) or (5) as applicable.

Class B dealers that held a valid license on or before March 20, 2019, are required to attend training in the 90 day period following the issuance of their next license renewal [MCL257.248l].  Class B dealers that attended dealer training since March 20, 2019, are not required to attend another training to fulfill this requirement.

Class B Dealers are also required to ensure that a designated individual from each retail sales location complete dealer training 1 time in each 24-month period.  The same individual cannot be designated for more than 3 retail locations.

The Used Vehicle Dealer Training Requirement flowchart has been created to help determine if training is required.  Dealers can sign up for training through their e-Services account.  If you have further questions on the training requirement, please contact the Business Regulation Section at BLRD@michigan.gov.

Vehicle Dealer Training

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