Are all dealers required to attend Dealer Training in order to renew their vehicle dealer license?

No.  Section 248l of the Michigan Vehicle Code states that only Class B (Used or Secondhand Vehicle Dealers) are required to attend dealer training and certify as such on a vehicle dealer renewal.

Class B dealers that held a valid license on or before March 20, 2019, are required to attend training in the 90 day period following the issuance of their next license renewal [MCL257.248l].  Class B dealers that attended dealer training since March 20, 2019, are not required to attend another training to fulfill this requirement.

Class B Dealers are also required to ensure that a designated individual from each retail sales location complete dealer training 1 time in each 24-month period.  The same individual cannot be designated for more than 3 retail locations.

The Used Vehicle Dealer Training Requirement flowchart has been created to help determine if training is required.  Dealers can sign up for training through their e-Services account.  If you have further questions on the training requirement, please contact the Business Regulation Section at

Vehicle Dealer Training

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