How do I get the Amount of Finance Contract (line 15) to be zero? My customer paid cash for the vehicle.

The new RD-108’s calculations are based on the entire form being filled out completely.  All boxes 1 through 15 must have a proper entry to have the RD-108 calculate the proper amounts. 

In this example the customer owes $10,928.60 with all fees and charges.  The customer left a $1,000 deposit to hold the vehicle, and then brought $9,928.60 in cash or check to delivery.  The $1,000 deposit goes in the yellow box, line 8.  The $9,928.60 the customer brought to closing goes in the green box, line 9.  This will make line 15 reflect no money is owed, and there is nothing subject to financing. 



If the dealer fails to enter any amounts in box 8 or 9, or the dealer puts the wrong amount, then box 15 will reflect a balance. 




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