Why is my trade in amount not showing correctly on the RD-108?


The new RD-108 automatically calculates as numbers are entered.  You must ensure the numbers are being entered in the correct space. 



The red boxes are a running total based on the amount in box 7 and the amounts placed in boxes 8, 9, 10 and 11.  If a customer is trading in a vehicle, the amount the customer receives for the trade in should go in the green box.  You cannot input a number in the red box.  These fields are locked and based off a calculation.  If the vehicle being traded in is subject to a lien, the payoff amount is entered in the yellow box. 

Please note that the red boxes will show an amount whether or not a vehicle is being traded in since it is a running total.  If no vehicle is being traded in, please leave the green and yellow boxes empty. 




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