What is the Service Driven campaign?

Secretary Benson recently announced a new era of service at the Michigan Department of State that is focused on enabling customers to interact with the department as conveniently and efficiently as possible. The shift to this more customer-focused, data-based, and service-driven model of operations has been a years-long endeavor, involving the upgrade of department technology, expansion of online service, and introduction of over 145 self-service stations.

Customers can now carry out most of our transactions online, by mail or at one of our new self-service stations. Those who must still complete their business at a Secretary of State branch office may do so by appointment, usually within 20 minutes, with little to no wait time.

As part of this campaign, Secretary Benson has also called on members of the state Legislature to introduce and pass legislation that will support all customers by allowing their interactions with the Michigan Department of State to be less frequent and more efficient.



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