What happens if I change my mind after I register as an organ donor?

The option to cancel your registration as a donor is always available. You may cancel your registration at any Secretary of State office by presenting your driver's license or ID card. 

You may also cancel your registration by going to online services, and logging into your account. Next to your name, you will see a list of options. Please click on the last link in the list, labeled as "More":  

remove organ donor screen 1

The next screen will provide an option to update your organ donor registration status:

Remove organ donor screen 2


Select the first link, "Organ Donor" to update your donor registration status. This link allows for you to add yourself to, or remove yourself from the Michigan Organ Donor Registry.

Please note: If you are planning on completing a transaction that involves the production of a new driver license or state identification card, you must update your organ donor status first. This will ensure that your newly created license or ID card will reflect your correct organ donor registry status.



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