What is financial-responsibility insurance?

Financial-responsibility insurance is Michigan no-fault insurance that meets the special requirements of the financial-responsibility situation. There are two types of acceptable insurance: (1) Owner's, which insures any vehicle registered in the name of the responsible party; and (2) Operator's, which insures the responsible party in any vehicle not registered in the subject's name. The subject may carry either or both, whatever meets the subject's needs. The subject applies for the financial-responsibility insurance at an insurance agent of their choosing. The application is sent to the home office of the issuing company, and the home office supplies the state with the necessary certificates of insurance. This process may take between two and four weeks to complete. AN APPLICATION FOR INSURANCE IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. The necessary certificates of insurance are filed with:

Michigan Department of State
Driver Record Activity Unit
formerly the Action Processing Unit
7064 Crowner Drive
Lansing, Michigan 48918-0001

The telephone number is 517-636-6406, and their fax number is 517-636-7515.




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