What do I need to send to request authentication by mail?

Please send the following:

  1. Document(s) to be authenticated.
  2. Cover letter including country of destination.
  3. Check or money order payable to the State of Michigan. (Fee is $1.00 per document, please do not send cash.)
  4. Self-addressed, stamped envelope or pre-paid air bill completely filled out including the account number and your address as the Sender. (The Great Seal will not pay for return postage.)
  5. All documents in foreign text that are presented for authentication are required to have all elements of the notarization in English.
  • If sending documents by mail with courier service, such as Airborne Express, Federal Express and UPS.
    • You must list yourself as the sender and receiver on the courier return air bill.
    • U.S. Post Office express or priority mail may not be delivered to the Office of the Great Seal any faster than regular U.S. mail. Turn-around time is 1-2 weeks.




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