What are the Gift of Life Michigan and Eversight Michigan?

Gift of Life Michigan is a nonprofit, full-service organ recovery organization that acts as the intermediary between donors, physicians and hospital staff. It provides all services necessary for organ and tissue donation and transplantation. This includes education, retrieval, preservation and organ placement as well as tissue-typing services. Contact the Gift of Life Michigan at 1-866-500-5801 or www.giftoflifemichigan.org.

Eversight Michigan is a division of Midwest Eye-Banks, a 501(c)(3) independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to the restoration of sight. Eversight Michigan recovers, evaluates and distributes human eye tissue for transplantation. Its mission includes supporting research into the causes and cures of blinding eye conditions, educating the public about eye, organ and tissue donation, and providing humanitarian aid to those unable to afford transplant procedures. For more information contact Eversight Michigan at 1-800-247-7250 or http://www.eversightvision.org/michigan/




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