Why aren't all of my vehicles showing on screen when I use Online Renewal PLUS?

Your vehicle might not appear because:

  1. The vehicle may be registered under a variant of your name, for example "Bill" instead of "William," and the system cannot make an exact match between the vehicle record and your customer file.
  2. The vehicle may be registered under a variant of your address, and the system cannot make a match between the address and your customer file.
  3. There may be multiple owners on the registration and the system doesn't recognize those names as a part of your customer file.
  4. Incomplete or missing information on the registration may prevent the system from matching it to your customer file.
  5. Certain commercial and special use plates are not eligible for online renewal.

If all your vehicles are not being displayed using Online Renewal PLUS, we recommend that you use the Express Renewal feature and enter your current license plate number. Eligible vehicles may be renewed using Express Renewal, even if they aren't showing on your screen. Express Renewal requires only the license plate or watercraft MC number. If you cannot renew by Express Renewal, you will have to visit a Secretary of State office for assistance. Please present your current registration and proof of insurance.




If you did not find the information you need, enter a descriptive word or phrase in the Search field located in the upper right corner. Or send us an e-mail by clicking on “Contact the Secretary of State” also in the upper right corner and we will help you get the information you need.