What are my rights if I am denied?

If the TSA notifies a state that a driver is not eligible for a hazardous materials endorsement (HME), the state is required to deny an application of a HME or revoke an HME if currently on a person's driver license. This will not affect your CDL Group or any other endorsements, and does not affect your base Operator or Chauffeur license. If you currently have an X endorsement, it will be converted to an N endorsement.

If TSA disqualified you from holding a hazardous materials endorsement you may appeal to the TSA and in some circumstances request a waiver from TSA. Only the TSA may hear appeals or consider requests for waivers. You can find more information about appeals and waivers at the TSA website.

The state cannot hear any appeals on TSA denials or revocations and cannot accept or grant requests for TSA waivers to apply for an HME. Neither the Secretary of State nor the Michigan courts can provide any relief or assistance related to obtaining a HME or appealing an unfavorable TSA decision.




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