How do I add the veteran designation to my driver's license or ID card?

The designation may be added by visiting any Secretary of State office and providing the required documentation.

If the designation is added when you apply for your first Michigan driver's license or ID card, or at the time you're renewing, you will only pay the normal renewal fee. Otherwise, the standard fee for a corrected license or ID card will apply.

If you are renewing your license or ID card by mail, you must include the required documentation and the completed Veteran Designation Application form along with your renewal form so the designation is included on your new card. Please note the documentation submitted will not be returned to you. Copies are accepted.

If you want to add the veteran designation outside of your renewal period and do not want to visit a Secretary of State office, send in the completed Veteran Designation Application form, the required documentation and the applicable fee.

Current renewal and correction fees for standard licenses are listed on this webpage and for enhanced licenses on this webpage. Current renewal and correction fees for standard and enhanced state IDs are listed on this webpage

Mail your completed application, veteran documentation and applicable fee to:

Michigan Department of State
Renewal By Mail Unit
Lansing, MI 48918
The veteran designation cannot be requested when a driver's license or ID card is renewed online.



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