What is mechanic recertification?

If you are an automotive and light truck mechanic certified in Engine Tune-up/Performance, Electrical Systems or Brakes and Braking Systems, you must comply with one of the following requirements for continuing certification. Certificates in the three categories noted are good for five years and must be renewed before their expiration date. All other repair categories are valid for life once issued.

  • Pass the latest state mechanic certification test, or
  • Show proof of current and appropriate National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification; please refer to the the ASE Information webpage for further details, or
  • Successfully complete a state-approved training program.

Mechanics certified in these categories must comply with the recertification requirement before their certification expiration date, according to the schedule below:

Mechanic Category   Recertification Year Ongoing Recertification Renewal
Engine Tune-up/ Performance 2018 2023, 2028, 2032
Electrical Systems 2019 2024, 2029, 2034
Brakes & Braking Systems 2020 2025, 2030, 2035

For example, John Brown's mechanic certificate expires each year on July 16. John last recertified his Engine Tune-up/Performance certificate on July 16, 2018, making his next recertification date July 16, 2023. He last recertified in Electrical Systems July 16, 2014, so he'll have to recertify again in July 16, 2019. He'll have until July 16, 2020 to recertify in Brakes & Braking Systems after meeting the requirements on July 16, 2025.




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