Can a repair facility enter into a long term "waiver of estimate agreement" with a customer?

Agency: State

If the customer is agreeable to it, a repair facility may make a long term written arrangement with a commercial or "fleet" customer that eliminates the need to write an estimate or a waiver of estimate every time one of the customer's vehicles comes in for repair. This is called a "long term" or "blanket" waiver of estimate. It may be drawn up in the form of a contract between the repair facility and the customer. The language of the contract should follow as closely as possible the wording of the regular waiver of estimate. The contract should include a statement that if any repair job will exceed a specified amount of money, the repair facility must get the customer's special authorization. The agreement must be signed by the customer, be dated, and should include the future date when the agreement expires. The repair facility must keep a copy of the agreement and give a copy to the customer. No other legal rights of the customer can be affected by such an agreement.




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