If repairs are sublet from one repair facility to another, what requirements apply?

Agency: State

Occasionally, a repair facility may not be equipped to handle a repair necessary to complete a job, e.g., frame straightening or air conditioning, and must sublet the repair to another shop.

When the vehicle is sublet to another facility for major repairs,

  • The second repair facility must employ, and have the repairs performed by, a properly certified mechanic;
  • If the first repair facility diagnosed the need for repair, the name and number of the diagnosing mechanic must appear on the customer's invoice, along with the name and number of the mechanic who actually performed the repairs.

When a major part, e.g., an engine or transmission, is sublet to another repair facility for repairs,

  • The repair facility that removed the part must employ a properly certified mechanic to diagnose, remove, or install the part;
  • The names and numbers of the mechanics who diagnosed, removed or reinstalled the part must appear on the final invoice given to the customer.




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