Can I show my cab card in an electronic format?

Yes. Beginning January 1, 2019, you may present your IRP cab card as an electronic image. Although you will no longer be required to carry a paper copy of your cab card, we recommend you do so for at least the 2019 calendar year.

All IRP jurisdictions are required to accept electronic images of IRP cab cards.

When stopped by law enforcement, credentials may be shown as an electronic image on a computer, tablet, or smart phone or as a paper copy.

Regardless of the format, the document must be accurate, accessible, and legible by law enforcement.

We strongly suggest that the document be stored as a PDF on an electronic device in each vehicle to ensure access to the document in areas without phone service or WiFi. If you are unable to provide proof of credentials, you may be ticketed and required to present proof of registration to a court of law.



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