How do I get my 30-day temporary permit if I process my transaction online?

You must pay for the supplement before any temporary permits will be issued. Once you have paid for the supplement, follow these steps to issue and print the temporary permit:

  1. Make sure you are still logged in to your IRP account.

  2. Go to the current period screen.

  3. Click “Issue Temporary Cab Cards” in the “I Want To” section toward the upper right portion of the screen.

  4. Select the supplement number for which you need to issue temporary cab cards.

  5. Follow the on-screen instructions.

  6. To print the temporary permit, click on the Correspondence tab. In the Unread Letters column (bottom right of the screen) you will see “Temporary Cab Card”.

  7. Clicking on the Temporary Cab Card link will open a new window displaying the cab card. You will need to print or save the document from this screen the same way you would print or save other documents from your web browser.


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