How do I void a temporary registration issued through CARS e-Services after 24 hours?

Agency: State

If more than 24 hours has lapsed since the BFS-4 Temporary Registration 15-Day Permit was issued, the dealership cannot cancel/void the form and no additional BFS-4 Temporary Registrations can be issued to the vehicle.  In order to remove the BFS-4 hold on the vehicle,  the dealership must apply for a resale title or complete the customer transaction.

Please note: Issuing a BFS-4 Temporary Registration 15-Day Permit should be the last step in the vehicle purchase process.  The BFS-4 Temporary Registration 15-Day Permit should not be issued through eServices prior to the completion of the vehicle purchase documentation.  When transfer of ownership has occurred, the application for title must be submitted to the Michigan Department of State (MDOS) within 15 days of delivery, per MCL 257.217(4).  Transfer of ownership has occurred when the purchaser signs the title, or application for title (RD-108), and takes delivery of the vehicle, per MCL 257.233(9). 

If the purchaser’s loan approval is denied after delivery of the vehicle, the application for title must still be completed.  Please see section 3.4 in Chapter 3 of the Dealer Manual on how to handle a transaction when the vehicle loan is rejected. 


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