How can I apply for a disability parking placard or disability parking placard renewal during appointment-only operations?

Applications for disability parking placards and placard renewals will be accepted and processed by mail, fax, and email during appointment-only operations. For more information on disability parking placard applications and renewals, please visit

Please be advised that we are experiencing a delay of processing and delivery of disability parking placard applications due to a backlog caused by our limited operations during the temporary closure of our offices between March 13 and May 29. We ask that you anticipate a slight delay in receiving your parking placard by mail. 
Our Department has notified the Michigan State Police that our office is currently delayed in processing disability parking placards and asked them to notify local law enforcement agencies across the state and exercise discretion when interacting with anyone who has not yet received their disability parking placard or renewal. Additionally, those who wish to do so may carry a copy of their disability parking placard application with them when traveling. 

Last updated July 22, 2020