Lost Title

Special Titles

  • Salvage Titles

    Salvage vehicles. How and when to apply for a salvage title.

  • Rebuilt Vehicles

    After a vehicle titled with a salvage title has been repaired or rebuilt, it can be re-titled and registered for road use again. A special vehicle inspection is required first.

  • Title Brands

    Brands are placed on titles of vehicles that will be used or have been used as police vehicles, taxis, and municipal vehicles. Flood damaged vehicles and rebuilt vehicles are also branded.

  • Scrap Titles

    Scrap titles. What are they and how to apply for one.

  • Assembled Vehicles

    Definition of an assembled vehicle; How to title

  • Mobile Home Titles

    Mobile homes are titled in Michigan. The mobile home title serves the same purpose as a vehicle title. When selling a mobile home, the owner assigns the title to the purchaser.

Specific Information