Assembled Vehicles

An assembled vehicle is defined as:

  1. One built (assembled) from new or used materials and parts by someone not recognized as a manufacturer (usually an individual). Example: a homemade vehicle.
  2. One altered or modified to the extent that it no longer reflects its original manufacturer configuration. Example: a Volkswagen made into a dune buggy. 
  3. One which has had its body unit (passenger body or pickup truck cab) replaced with a different style body unit from another vehicle, altering the vehicle's original configuration. Example: A Ford pickup truck has its cab replaced with a Chevrolet cab or with a different-style Ford cab, altering its original manufacturer configuration.
    A vehicle which has had its body unit (passenger body or pickup truck cab) replaced with an identical style body unit that doesn’t alter the vehicle's original configuration is retitled as a reconstructed vehicle. Example: A 2014 Ford pickup truck has its cab replaced with an identical cab from a 2012 Ford pickup. A new state-assigned VIN is issued. The original year and make are retained.
  4. One assembled from a kit designed for on-road use (often called "kit cars"), even if a Manufacturers Certificate of Origin is provided. 

Note: Off-road vehicles (ORVs), all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and off-road dune buggies can be titled as an assembled vehicle for on-road use.

Procedure to title an assembled vehicle:

  1. You will need ownership documents for all vehicles or major component parts used in assembling the vehicle. This includes:
  • Titles
  • Assigned ownership documents (Example: Release of Abandoned Vehicle notice from police department)
  • Original bills of sale

The following parts must be accounted for in the ownership documents presented:

  • Motor vehicles
    • Engine, transmission, body parts (doors, front and rear clips) and frame, including axles
  • Motorcycles
    • Engine, frame, front end assembly including the fork, wheels and seat
  • Titled trailers or trailer coaches 
    • Running gear (frame, axle and wheels)
  1. A certification statement summarizing the vehicle’s assembly will be required. The statement should include:
  • A description of the vehicle and its parts
  • The name of the person who assembled the vehicle
  • When and where the vehicle was assembled or reconstructed
  • Any special information about the vehicle to assist the Michigan Department of State investigator
  1. A Vehicle Number/On-Road Equipment Inspection (form TR-54) completed by a Michigan police officer must be submitted. The inspection will verify the vehicle has all equipment required for on-road registration. Note: Completion of the TR-54 form by law enforcement doesn’t qualify the vehicle for a title or registration. Michigan Department of State regulation agents conduct a final inspection of the vehicle before placement of the assembled VIN sticker.
  2. All assembled vehicles require a state-assigned Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). There is a $10 fee for this.
  3. When applying for your assembled vehicle title, tax is due on all parts, unless it was paid at time of purchase.
  4. Assembled vehicles aren’t eligible for temporary registrations. A Regulatory Monitoring Division agent will contact you to schedule the final inspection appointment and vehicle inspection location. Upon passing the final inspection, the agent will place the assigned VIN sticker on the vehicle. The new title will be mailed.
  5. Before a utility vehicle or an all-terrain vehicle can be used on public roads, it must pass the full equipment and safety inspection as defined on the TR-54 form. Be aware that a receipt is required confirming that the installed windshield is U.S. Department of Transportation certified and is laminated glass. A polycarbonate or Plexi-glass windshield isn’t acceptable. Also, the parking brake must be mechanical, and not hydraulic. Mechanical brake calipers activated by a hand lever and cable assembly can be bought from aftermarket vendors. The secretary of state doesn’t provide lists of vendors.

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