Instant Title Service

Michigan TitleInstant Title Service

Instant Title Offices

Instant title services are available at all Secretary of State branch offices.


There is a $20.00 fee for an instant title ($21.00 if adding/removing a lien). The vehicle owner must appear in person for instant title service. The owner cannot appoint an agent for an instant title transaction. If there are two owners of a vehicle, both owners must appear in person for instant title service (see NOTE below for duplicate titles).

Duplicate (replacement) instant title transactions

NOTE: For duplicate (replacement) instant title transactions when there are two owners on the title record, only one owner needs to appear and sign the title application. An appointment of agent is not needed from the other owner. Both owner names will appear on the duplicate title.


Every instant title application is unique, but all persons processing a title application must present a Michigan or out-of-state photo driver license or ID card. Also, the vehicle identification number or hull identification number (for watercraft) is required for every instant title application.

Information Center

Please check with our Information Center at 1-888-SOS-MICH (1-888-767-6424) to make sure you have all the correct paperwork before traveling to a branch office for an instant title.

Transactions NOT Eligible for instant titles

Most title transactions involving a Michigan title are eligible for instant title service at many Secretary of State branch offices (listed below). The following title transactions are NOT eligible for instant title service:

  • Vehicle title using 10 years old/Value $2,500 or Less procedure
  • Title with out-of-state or foreign ownership document (including a U.S. Government-issued title)
  • Original salvage title
  • Repossessions from out of state
  • Purchased new out of state with Manufacturer Certificate of Origin (MCO)
  • Title with "Incomplete" as body style
  • First Michigan title for a gray market vehicle
  • Transfer title with a stolen vehicle message on the computer system
  • TR-42 form with a Garage Keeper Lien message on the computer system
  • Mobile home title
  • Title application in process (not updated to system yet)
  • Title application in process which was not eligible for instant title service
  • Original scrap title 
  • Duplicate scrap title
  • Title with a new Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or Hull Identification Number (HIN)
  • Title with a surety bond
  • First assembled vehicle title
  • Title record shows a Major Edit/Update error (unless applicant has title in hand)


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