Marine Corps Veteran

Marines Motorcycle Veteran Plate

Veterans of the Marine Corps may register their motorcycle with an armed forces veteran plate representing their branch of service. Service veteran motorcycle plates have the same design as those for service veteran passenger vehicles and expire on the owner's birthday.

The plate is available in either the standard design or the Spectacular Peninsulas design. Veteran motorcycle plates cost the regular $25 motorcycle plate fee (prorated to the owner's birthday) plus a one-time $5 service fee. There is also a one-time additional $5 fee for the Spectacular Peninsulas plate.

Veterans whose motorcycle is already registered may use their current plate as credit for a new motorcycle veteran plate. In this case only the one-time $5 service fee is due, plus $5 if the Spectacular Peninsulas option is chosen.

Veterans interested in obtaining an armed forces service plate for their motorcycle may apply at their local Secretary of State office by submitting a completed Application for Veteran License Plates.