Historical and authentic license plates

Historical and Authentic License Plates

Michigan has a long and proud history as the automotive center of the world. Many residents enjoy restoring and collecting vintage automobiles, trucks, and motorcycles. Since 1956, the state has issued historic and authentic license plates for antique vehicles used in parades, fairs, car shows, swap meets, and other events.

Historical vehicles
A historical vehicle must be:

  • 26 or more years old
  • Owned solely as a collector's item
  • Used only for events such as historical club activities, parades, and car shows

Note: A vehicle registered with a historical or authentic plate cannot be used for routine, day-to-day transportation; however, the law does allow for vehicles with a valid historical or authentic license plate to be driven at any time, including as daily transportation, during the month of August.

Historical license plates
Authentic license plates