Be The Match®

Be The Match Sample Plate

Be The Match is the world’s leading nonprofit organization focused on saving lives through marrow and umbilical cord blood transplantation.

Every three minutes someone is diagnosed with a blood cancer. For many of them, a marrow transplant could be their cure – but 70 percent of patients do not have a fully matched donor in their family. They depend on Be The Match. Every dollar raised helps more patients afford a transplant, adds potential marrow donors to the registry and funds life-saving research.

The Be The Match plate provides Michigan residents with the opportunity to make a difference to those waiting for a lifesaving donation. More than 270,000 residents are already members of the Be The Match Registry®, providing over 1,700 marrow donations to patients in need. Show your support and help promote this life-saving mission by purchasing your Be The Match plate today. If you are interested in learning more about the Be The Match mission or joining its donor registry, please visit

Fundraising plates can only be used on passenger cars, pickup trucks, vans, and motor homes. Motorcycles and trailers are not eligible for these plates.

Order your fundraising plate online. It's easy and convenient. Fundraising plates also can be ordered by mail or at a Secretary of State branch office. Your plate should arrive by mail within two-to-three weeks, but allow up to 30 days before contacting the department.

To purchase a plate by mail, complete and print the Be The Match License Plate Order Form.

Check personalized plate availability using CARS e-Services.