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Accreditation for New Election Officials

Attention all newly elected or appointed election officials!  Please register for the Election Officials' Accreditation Curriculum.  Michigan election law, MCL 168.31(l), stipulates that all elected or appointed county, city and township election officials must complete an initial course of instruction.

This program currently consists of a two-day session covering several election-related topics from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. both days plus online course work. Class locations vary, usually in the Lansing area, with regional locations offered bi-annually.

Registration for classes is available in the Elections eLearning Center.  If you have not requested a username and password for the Elections eLearning Center, visit the login page and complete the Elections Account request form.

Please note this is not for experienced Clerks. Continuing Education for Clerks required by 2012 legislation is a different curriculum. In the Elections eLearning Center check your transcript for your Continuing Education Curriculums.

The accreditation program is designed to introduce new election officials to a wide variety of topics related to the administration of elections, including the following:

  • The Structure of Michigan's Election System
  • Voter Registration
  • Introduction to the Qualified Voter File and system credentials
  • Candidate Filings and Financial Disclosure Requirements
  • Write-In Candidates
  • Absentee Voting Process
  • Absent Voter Counting Boards
  • Military and Overseas Civilian Voters
  • Election Ballots
  • Appointing and Training Election Inspectors
  • Establishing Voting Precincts and Polling Places
  • The Appointment, Rights and Duties of Election Challengers and Poll Watchers

Program participants will be provided with a comprehensive manual on the administration of public elections.  These materials are also in the Elections eLearning Center.