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Voting System Advisory Committee

Volunteers Wanted: Voting System Functionality Sub-Committees

Over the past several weeks, the Bureau of Elections has worked with a group of county and local election officials to begin planning for the next generation of voting systems in Michigan. This group, which represents clerks selected by the Michigan Association of County Clerks, the Michigan Association of Municipal Clerks and the Bureau of Elections, has begun to discuss the high-level needs of future voting systems in Michigan. (Committee Member Listing)

While there are many factors yet unknown – such as the type of voting system that will be selected, the timeframes for that selection and purchase, and costs/funding for a new system, the group agrees that this planning process should proceed now.

Although this will be a multi-year project, there is much work to do. To begin, several sub-committees are being formed to discuss and document the detailed functional needs of a new voting system. We are looking for volunteers to participate in these discussions. The sub-committees include:

  • Hardware Functionality
  • Election Management System (EMS) Programming / Electronic Election Night Reporting
  • Accessibility / Military – Overseas System
  • Absent Voter (AV) Processing
  • Legislative

Meetings of these sub-committees will begin in the next few weeks. The work completed by these groups will be used in developing the next statewide Request for Proposal (RFP) and eventual contract(s) for the new systems. Each group will likely meet at least 4-5 times over the next few months; meetings may be conducted in person and/or by webinar/conference call.

Planning will also begin soon for a voting system Vendor Fair, where several vendor products will be on display and demonstrated. All Michigan election officials will be invited to attend. The Vendor Fair will likely occur in early 2014 and will be announced in a future BOE News Update.

We know many of you have great ideas for the needs of future voting systems in Michigan. If you are interested, please get involved now! To do so, please fill out the online survey below and submit it to BOE by next Friday, October 4.

Enrollment for the sub-committees is now closed.

Thank you for your help!