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Michigan Campaign Finance Act

Section 15(2) of the Michigan Campaign Finance Act, 1976 P.A. 388, as amended, allows an interested person to request a declaratory ruling from the Department of State. The Department will issue a ruling only if a person has provided an actual statement of facts. A declaratory ruling is binding on the Department and the requestor.


If the Department declines to issue a declaratory ruling, it must issue an interpretive statement. An interpretive statement is an informal response to a question that may be relied upon for general guidance, but it is not binding on either the Department or the requestor.


The Department of State will electronically notify interested persons when a new request, proposed response, or final ruling has been posted to this site. Interested persons may submit written comments by e-mail, fax, or mail to both the new request and the proposed response. Any person requesting to receive such notification should send e-mail to the Michigan Department of State, Bureau of Elections at (


Michigan Lobby Registration Act

A person may also request a declaratory ruling or interpretive statement under the Michigan Lobby Registration Act, 1978 PA 472, as amended.  Pending requests and the Department's response will be posted below.  However, requests under the Lobby Act are not subject to the notice, public comment, and timeline requirements of the Campaign Finance Act.


Questions concerning this process or any declaratory ruling or interpretive statement should be directed to the Bureau of Elections at (


Pending Declaratory Ruling/Interpretive Statement Requests


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Summary of Rulings 

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