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Mi Vote Honors a Veteran

MI Vote Honors a Veteran

MI Vote Honors a Veteran


Welcome to the MI Vote Honors a Veteran website. We invite you to honor a veteran with your vote.


Michigan men and women who are veterans of our nation’s armed forces have made many sacrifices throughout history to protect our democracy. Today, the active duty members of our military branches serve our country across the globe so we all can continue to enjoy our hard-fought freedoms and rights as Americans—most importantly, the right to vote.

By dedicating your vote in the MI Vote Honors a Veteran program, you can show the personal pride you have for the veteran or active duty service member in your life and, at the same time, encourage others to vote in the next election.

Post your tribute on social media, along with a photo if possible, and include the #MIVoteHonorsAVeteran hashtag. You can also tag us: @MichSoS on Twitter and @michigansos on Facebook and Instagram. Along with your tribute message, please tell about your veteran: their name, what branch they served, their rank and years of service.