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Change icons and title/icon links

To change the icon, click the [Add or edit icon] text in Experience Editor. To change in Content Editor, choose the data item, scroll to the "Data" section and change under "Icon Selector."

To make the icon and title clickable, click the [Add or Edit Call to Action Link] and choose the appropriate link.

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CTA button

To add a green CTA button that is already a link, highlight the link text in the Rich Text Editor and click the "Apply CSS Class" dropdown below the Bold, Italic, Underline icons and choose Primary CTA link. You can also click the Hyperlink Manager icon (globe with link icon), click the CSS Class - Apply Class dropdown and choose Primary CTA link.

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To add an unavailable "button" (which is just an image), click the "Insert Sitecore Media" (picture with plus sign icon), and navigate to sos > Key Services > Vehicle Registration > UnavailableButton (this location may change as we do media cleanup).

How can I change my address on my license, ID or vehicle?


Update online and receive a corrected address sticker or card by mail

Go to Online Services

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Gray title background

To create a title with a gray background, first add a Rich Text component. Once the component is added to the page, open the Style options using the paint bucket icon (third from the left on the Rich Text pop-out menu). Scroll down to the Styling section and under Common - sos (Local), choose Gray background. This will add the gray background to the Rich Text component as well as eliminating the extra spacing.

Next open the Rich Text Editor, add your title and choose Heading 2 under the Paragraph dropdown (next to Apply CSS).

Note: If you add a title first, then apply the gray background, your title may disappear or format differently. It's fine, just save the page and when it refreshes it should appear normal.

We may not need to manually titles in the future as eMichigan realized that we need the ability to add titles to many components that currently don't have one.

Title (Choose tab below)

You will need your:

  • Current vehicle registration for the plate that will be transferred (Your license plate number will be sufficient if the Secretary of State office can verify the information is on the system)
  • Title to the vehicle that will be receiving the plate (a copy of the title application is sufficient if you recently applied for your title)
  • Michigan driver’s license or ID

Titles that have been modified (such as crossing out a name) cannot be accepted.

Schedule an office visit

License plate options

If purchasing a vehicle in a private sale:

  • $15 plate/registration transfer fee
  • $15 title transfer fee

If purchasing a vehicle from an immediate family member:

  • $10 plate transfer fee

If transferring a plate from one vehicle you own to another vehicle you own:

  • Plate transfer fees will vary between $10 and $15 based on the registration fee for the vehicle receiving the plate; additional fees due if replacing or renewing the plate at the time of transfer or if transferring a plate to a vehicle with a higher MSRP

All Secretary of State offices accept cash, checks, money orders, and debit/credit cards for payment. A processing fee is charged for debit/credit card use.

Renewal fee calculator