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2021 Voter Cancellation

In March 2021, the Michigan Bureau of Elections canceled approximately 177,000 Michigan voter registrations as part of routine, post-election voter list maintenance. The registrations belong to people who appear to have moved, because before the November 2018 election they surrendered a Michigan driver's license in another state or had election mail sent to them and returned to an election official as undeliverable. As required by federal law, these voters were sent a notice prior to the November 2018 election, did not respond to the notice, and have not voted or had other voting activity in at least the last two federal election cycles (2020 and 2018).

The list of canceled voters can be requested by emailing Requesting the list does not require a fee. The list does not include any information that is not publicly available through a public records request of the Qualified Voter File. It includes voter name, address and birth year. More information can be found at

Voters canceled by this list will need to contact their local clerk to re-register. Voters can find their local clerk by clicking on "Your Clerk" at Voters can also use that site to update their registration if they have moved to a different address in Michigan.