Casino Gambling

Agency: Treasury

Required State License(s):

A license is required with the Michigan Gaming Control Board. The Board has exclusive authority for licensing, regulation, and control of casino gaming in the state. Provides for the licensing, regulation, and control of casino gaming operations, manufacturers and distributors of gaming equipment and supplies, and those who participate in gaming. Establishes licensing standards and procedures. Imposes civil and criminal penalties for violation of the Act. Imposes and authorizes certain taxes and fees on casinos and others involved in casino gaming. Provides for the distribution of casino tax revenue for K-12 public education in Michigan, and for capital improvement, youth programs, and tax relief in the City of Detroit. Creates certain funds for the operation of the Board and compulsive gambling prevention programs. Establishes certain safeguards to prevent compulsive and under-age gambling. Restricts certain political contributions by casino gaming interests to state and local political candidates and committees. Establishes a Code of Ethics for members, employees and agents of the Board, license applicants, licensees, and others involved in gaming.  

Other Information:  

The Michigan Gaming Control Board serves Michigan citizens by licensing and regulating commercial casinos, their suppliers and employees in accordance with Public Act 69 of 1997; and by overseeing Native American casinos in accordance with applicable Tribal-State Gaming Compacts. For further information about casino gambling, call the Michigan Gaming Board at (313) 456-4100 or visit the internet at:

Revised: 01/28/2014