Clothing Manufacturer

Agency: Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy

Possible License(s):

Registered ID Number (RN #) required for manufacturers of textile, wool and fur products. Send letter requesting RN# to Federal Trade Commission, Textile Section, Division of Enforcement, Washington, DC 20580; telephone: (202) 326-3034.

Care labels are also required on all garments. Contact Federal Trade Commission, at (202) 326-2222 for information.

Michigan Manufacturers' Guide To Environmental, Safety & Health Regulations

The Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy and the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs offers a reference guide that provides environmental and safety assistance to Michigan facilities. The guide includes easy-to-read information about state and federal environmental laws and rules. It also contains direct phone numbers to agency experts. The guide begins with a self-assessment checklist to steer you through the requirements that affect your business. The cost of the guidebook is around $25 and it is distributed every other year at corresponding events called the Michigan Environmental Compliance Conference.

If interested in attending a workshop or ordering the guidebook, please call the Environmental Assistance Center at 800-662-9278 for further information.

Further Information:

Information about the 1953 Flammable Fabrics Act (FFA) call the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission at 301-504-0400 X1370.

When clothing, etc., materials are manufactured call the American Council of Independent Lab at (202) 887-5872 for a recommended testing laboratory for hazardous testing.

If a business is operated out of a home, contact the city clerk's office for zoning restrictions, and if necessary, to obtain a zoning variance.

Trade Association: Michigan Manufacturers Association, 620 South Capitol, Lansing, Michigan 48909; telephone 517-372-5900.

Revised: 07/2019