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Mechanical Contractor License


Forbes Mechanical Contractors Act, 1984 PA 192


Board of Mechanical Rules Licensing Examination Rules


 1.  Applicability (activities that require the permit)

338.977 Installations, alterations, or servicing; designating contractor of record; notice; performance without compensation or on behalf of charitable organization; facility employing qualified maintenance crew; "charitable organization" defined.

Sec. 7.

(1) Except as provided in subsection (3) and section 14, an individual, partnership, association, corporation, governmental subdivision, college, or university shall not perform installations, alterations, or servicing of work classifications under section 6(3), which are regulated by the state construction code act of 1972, 1972 PA 230, MCL 125.1501 to 125.1531, unless the individual, or an employee of the individual, partnership, association, corporation, governmental subdivision, college, or university has received a contractor's license from the department, which has not been revoked or suspended, and the license is either classified and limited as provided in section 6 or is annotated as provided in section 8, and the holder of the license has secured the appropriate permit from the enforcing agency charged with the responsibility of issuing permits.

 2.  Pre-Application Requirements

In order to qualify for examination, an applicant must show a minimum of 3 years of experience in EACH work classification, or an equivalent of experience, which is acceptable to the board, in one or more of the following work classifications: a) Hydronic heating and cooling and process piping, b) HVAC equipment, c) Ductwork, d)Refrigeration, e) Limited or unlimited heating service, f) Limited or unlimited refrigeration and air conditioning service, g) Fire suppression, h) Specialty. Specialty classifications limit the licensee to a specific installation. The specialty classifications are: solid fuel, solar, gas piping, LP tank installation and underground tank installation.

An applicant who is a graduate of a recognized community college or university may apply for credit to reduce the required 3 years of experience. Credit may be given for school experience, but shall not exceed 1 year of the required 3 years of experience.

 3.  Application Submission Requirements

R 338.902 Applications; form; fee; grounds for denial of application and forfeiture of fee

Rule 902. (1) An applicant shall submit, to the department, in Lansing, an application on the form prepared and furnished by the department.

(2) An application shall be accompanied by the fee prescribed in the act.

(3) An applicant who seeks licensure in more than 1 work classification on a single application shall only be required to pay 1 examination fee.

(4) Each question on the application shall be answered in its entirety.

(5) An incomplete application shall be returned to the applicant for completion and then resubmitted to the department within 15 days after the date of the department's request.

Application for Mechanical Contractor License Examination

 4.  Procedures and Time-Frame for Obtaining Permit or Approval

Visit the bureau's website at for exam dates and locations.

 5.  Operational Requirements

338.980 Contractor's license; examination fee; initial and per-year fee for issuance; expiration and renewal; reinstatement; receipt of completed application; issuance of license within certain time period; disposition of fees, money, and other income; report; "completed application" defined. Sec. 10.

(2) An initial or renewal contractor's license issued under this act expires on August 31 every third year and is renewable not later than October 31 upon application and payment of the license fee. For a person applying for an initial or reinstatement contractor's license at a time other than between August 31 and October 31 of the year in which the department issues renewal licenses, the department shall compute and charge the license fee on a yearly pro rata basis beginning in the year of the application until the last year of the 3-year license cycle. All licenses not renewed are void and may be reinstated only upon application for reinstatement and the payment of the license fee. A person who renews his or her license within 3 years after the license is voided pursuant to this section is not subject to reexamination for the license.

 6.  Fees

The fee for the Mechanical Contractor License Exam = $100.00

Contractor licenses are issued in 3-year cycles, everyone is on the same 3-year cycle; therefore, the fee is prorated depending on which year of the cycle we are in.

The fee for a Mechanical Contractor license is $300.00 for the full 3-years, $200.00 in the 2nd year of licensing, and $100.00 in the 3rd year.

1980 PA 497, the Construction Lien Act: For Electrical and Fire Alarm Contractors there is also a mandatory membership fee of $10.00 upon initial licensure and a $10.00 fee for each year of license renewal for deposit in the Homeowner Construction Lien Recovery Fund.

 7.  Appeal Process
 8.  Public Input Opportunities

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