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    MDOT's Rain Gardens: A Green Solution to Water Pollution

    What is a Rain Garden?

    Rain gardens are an attractive green solution to reduce storm water pollution and improve overall water quality.  Storm water becomes polluted when it runs over pavement and comes into contact with automotive fluids, sediment, trash, pet waste, etc.  Ordinarily, this storm water "runoff" flows directly to rivers, lakes and streams without treatment.  By directing storm water runoff to a rain garden filled with mative plants, pollutants can be absorbed by the deep plant roots instead of contaminating our rivers, lakes and streams.

    Rain Gardens are for Everyone

    Anyone can install a rain garden to help improve water quality and drainage. Homeowners, building owners, cities, and state agencies like MDOT have made the decision to construct rain gardens, whether they are simple depressed planting beds or are engineered with underdrains.  Below are some details on MDOT's most recent green solutions to water pollution:

    Turkeyville Rest Area Rain Garden
    I-69 in Marshall

    Turkeyville Rest Area Rain Garden 

    Turkeyville Rest Area Rain Garden 

    Turner Street Rain Gardens in Grand Rapids 

    Turner Street Rain Gardens in Grand Rapids 

    Turner Street Rain Garden Photos 

    Location: Corner of Third Street and Turner Street under I-196/US-131 Interchange Ramps, City of Grand Rapids

    Michigan Avenue Rain Gardens in Lansing 

    Michigan Avenue Rain Gardens in Lansing 

    Michigan Ave. Rain Garden Photos 

    Location: On East Michigan Ave. between Larch St. Pennsylvania Ave. in Downtown Lansing

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