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The consequences of default are far reaching and affect a borrower and/or cosigner’s life for many years to come. MI-LOAN Program student loans remain in default until rehabilitated or paid in full.

To rehabilitate a MI-LOAN Program loan, payments must be equal to or greater than the amount determined to be required for repayment during default.  A lump sum payment of future installments cannot be used to satisfy more than two monthly payments. After making nine on-time payments, of an approved amount, on ALL defaulted MI-LOANs, within the most recent and consecutive ten-month period, contact the MI-LOAN Program at 888-643-7521 to request a rehabilitation review. It is important to continue making full, timely payments until the review is completed. 

Military personnel:
If the loan default occurred while the borrower or cosigner was on active military duty or within 12 months thereafter, contact the MI-LOAN Program to discuss qualification requirements.

Rehabilitation process:
Once the loan is determined to be eligible, a rehabilitation packet will be provided to the borrower or cosigner with instructions for completion. 

Upon completion of the rehabilitation:
The MI-LOAN Program will authorize removal of the loan(s) from default, updating of any credit reporting of the default, and a return to repayment status.

Repayment after rehabilitation:
After the rehabilitation is finalized, a new 15-year repayment schedule and monthly billing statements will be provided to the borrower and cosigners, if applicable.

Rehabilitation is a one-time opportunity for each loan. If a rehabilitated loan becomes 120 days delinquent again and is returned to default, that specific loan cannot be rehabilitated a second time.

For assistance call 888-643-7521 or e-mail

All borrower options and benefits are subject to change.