State Treasury Department Providing Individuals, Businesses Tax Relief due to Natural Disasters

Contact: Danelle Gittus (, Ron Leix ( or call 517-335-2167
Agency: Treasury

Sept. 19, 2017

With natural disasters affecting widespread areas of the state and nation, the Michigan Department of Treasury (Treasury) is providing state tax relief to disaster survivors.

Individual and business taxpayers who were affected by the June 22-23 severe storms and flooding in Bay, Gladwin, Isabella and Midland counties, Hurricane Harvey or Hurricane Irma now have additional time to file state tax returns, with penalties and interest waived.

Individuals unable to meet filing deadlines due to a natural disaster should contact Treasury at 517-636-4486. Businesses are asked to call 517-636-6925.

“A natural disaster can be devastating both personally and financially,” State Treasurer Nick Khouri said. “By postponing state tax filing and payment deadlines, disaster survivors will have more time to focus on recovering and getting their lives back to a sense of normalcy.”  

In addition, affected taxpayers may write to Treasury to request disaster-related tax relief. When writing, the following must be included in the correspondence:

  • Name and account number of the individual or business taxpayer.
  • Reason for the relief request.
  • Taxpayer address within one of the disaster areas or address of the tax preparer located in one of the disaster areas.

Taxpayers should send the completed correspondence to the following address:

Michigan Department of Treasury
ATTN: Disaster Tax Relief
Lansing, Michigan 48922

Some taxpayers may receive a preliminary assessment notice before a tax relief request is formally received by Treasury. Taxpayers within disaster areas who receive these notices should contact Treasury by phone to resolve.

Treasury follows the Internal Revenue Service’s deadlines when tax relief is granted for natural disasters. For the latest IRS deadlines, go to

To learn more about Michigan’s tax system, go to

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