Welcome to e-Registration for Michigan Taxes

Employers may now register for most Michigan Business Taxes, including UIA Employer Account Number and /or a Sales Tax License using this on-line e-Registration application.  You must have your Federal EIN (FEIN) to register using this site. Do not use your Social Security number as your FEIN number.

This process is easy, secure, convenient and faster than registering by mail. It eliminates the need to mail in a ‘Registration for Business Taxes' form. After completing this on-line application, you will receive a confirmation number of your electronic submission. 

  • You can receive your Sales/Use Tax license within 8-10 business days.
  • You can receive your new UIA Employer Account Number within 3 business days.

This website also provides additional information in the Glossary section, which can be accessed by clicking the link in the upper right hand corner. There is also on-line help throughout the registration process in the form of content specific help links and pop-up messages.

You can use e-Registration if you:

  •  Are starting a new business and either:
    •  Sell or lease tangible personal property in Michigan to the final consumer
    •  Will owe Sales, Use, Withholding, Motor Fuel, Single Business, Tobacco Taxes
    •  Have employees performing services in Michigan
    •  Plan to have employees working in Michigan
    •  Changed the entity type of your existing business (e.g. from sole proprietor to partnership, or incorporating a sole proprietorship or partnership) or acquired all or any part of the assets, organization, trade or business of an existing business having employees in Michigan (You cannot continue to use the employer account number of a prior owner; you must register for your own account number.)
  •  If you have not previously mailed a paper Registration for Business Taxes (Form 518) to the Department of Treasury

‚ÄčNot sure you can use e-Registration because you have attachments?  Well, you can.  Attachments such as leasing agreements, articles of incorporation, etc. for the on-line registration process can be forwarded to the Unemployment Insurance Agency through the following e-mail address: EmployerLiability@michigan.gov. 501(c)3 exemption determinations can be emailed to Reimbursingunit@michigan.gov

Questions regarding the online registration process can also be sent to MiWAMSupport@michigan.gov or you can call 313-456-2188, Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4:30 pm.

To begin your registration for Michigan Taxes, click on the following link for e-Registration.