Tobacco Tax Electronic Filing Program

Welcome to the Michigan Department of Treasury's Tobacco Products Tax Electronic Filing Program for Licensed Wholesalers and Unclassified Acquirers.

Electronic Filing

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New E-Filer Information

Before you can participate in the Tobacco Products e-file program, you must complete and submit the appropriate application(s).

  • ASCII filers must complete Form #4154, the Tobacco Products Tax Electronic Filing Application, as well as a Form #3999, Trading Partner Agreement.
  • Web Direct Filers are required to complete and submit Form #4154, the Tobacco Products Tax Electronic Filing Application.

An approval notification is mailed to the address provided after receipt of your completed application(s). Included with your approval notification will be a user ID and password for transmitting return information to Treasury. A separate notification will be sent if you have chosen ACH Debit as your payment method. After successfully completing system testing and prior to the deadlines for test filings, you will be given approval to access the secure Web site to e-file live Tobacco Products reports.

Tobacco Tax Licensees that affix tobacco stamps to cigarette packs will also have the ability to order stamp and monitor/adjust their stamps inventory on-line.

For more information on the Tobacco Products e-file program, please refer to the e-file publications and forms listed below or contact the Tobacco Taxes Unit at (517) 636-4630.

File Specifications and Related Publications

File specifications and related publications for the Tobacco Tax e–file program:

Forms (All forms are fillable):